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Laura Paciorek


What wiki service do you use? I am thinking of adding a wiki so students can make their own study guide.



Yvette Duncan

I like the idea of having the students create wikis in a group. I too am curious about the wiki service you use. Am definitely interested in hearing how it goes.

Mary Jo Preti

I am double blogging for my POT certificate. You can find more detailed info about my wiki at http://mjonlineclass.blogspot.com/ I would love to have someone leave a comment on this blog. If it doesn't come up immediately look under February. Here are the topics I've blogged about so far:
▼ February (2)
Making videos is easy with Jing!
▼ January (6)
Time Saving Tips/Online discussions
Blackboard looking like Moodle
Adding Audio to my online classes
Building Community/Retention strategies
Great Wimba voice tools online tutorials
New Semester!

Yvette Duncan

Thanks, Mary Jo. Will check out your blog.

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