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Laura Paciorek

I wish I had made a html page with my content, but I just started learning html this semester. I find that I am being too reliant on the learning management systems, as Lisa Lane mentioned in her most recent blog post at http://lisahistory.net/wordpress/?p=481. I have been trying to make sure I copy and paste everything I create into my own computer, so that I have a record of it all outside of the LMS, but I have not totally finished doing that yet. Your post reminded me to work on that more. Thank you!

Claudia Faulk

Oh thank you - you hit the nail on the head for me as well. Textbooks.. they never seem quite right. I add a list of pages for my students to read out of the book. Some people read, some do not. OK - so I skip reading often too. I feel guilty about it, but find that most textbooks are poorly written, or as you stated, try to cover everything in too short of a space and end up covering nothing well. Very frustrating. Plus I have not learned how to find a good textbook. I would love to sit in a room filled with books and skim, til I find one I like. But I don't know how to find that option. I have a shelf full of books on HTML. None are quite what I want. I am glad I have my website. At least the students can visit it as often as they want for free. Some use it, some do not.
And yes - there have been so many places we have visited, so many new bits of technology we have tried. I know I will have to sort through again once we are done. See what has stuck, what I need to give another go at, what I was thrilled to try. The adventure keeps on going.

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