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Laura Paciorek


You wrote, "There is one book at Gutenberg that do assign on a regular basis, Candide by Voltaire. Next time I assign it i will include the link to the Gutenberg version for students if they want to read the book that way."

That's great that you found it on Project Gutenberg! I know that when I was in college I had to find some books that were written decades and centuries ago (e.g., Emile by Rousseau) and having been able to find them on a site like Project Gutenberg would have saved me a lot of time. I spent a lot of time using the Inter-library Loan program where I went to school, which took time. I had to be on top of returning things and doing another request for the item, which sometimes took weeks (and left gaps in my ability to continually read the work).

In fact, when I graduated and checked with the library to make sure I had no holds, they said, "Oh, you are graduating? We know you because you use inter-library loan so much! Congratulations!" I have no idea how my classmates found their copies if they were not using inter-library loan. Today students have so many more resources available to them. It's great.

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