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Claudia Faulk

I would certainly be curious to know the results. In my own classes, I know that students can feel overwhelmed with keeping up with the regular materials in class. Even though I do tell them there are additional materials available that will ease their learning, they do not always "hear". When they suddenly discover the videos, demos, lectures, and external links, they are pleased and, as you said, their learning takes a rapid leap forward.
I would think that having more face to face time discussing case studies and real applications of knowledge would increase students excitement about the class on a whole. When they are excited, they are more likely to retain what they have learned.

Account Deleted

This is the hardest thing. I find something cool so I add it, or I want to add it but then look at the class and say "well, what will this be instead of?" and before I know it I have to redesign it just to pare it down!

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